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📈 BUY DIGITALSince its inception in 2019, Big Science records welcomes Warzou's first personal release in early 2023. The LP will feature nine dub/industrial/rave tracks, in Compact Disc format. This colorful release, in a transparent case, is a tribute to rave compilations, sound systems and social committees. Because if many influences can transpire from this record, Warzou was built with Acid, House & Techno, Bass and Dub productions, or even Down tempo and its industrial feeling. "W is for Wobble" is a generous record that allows to introduce the meticulous work of W.This music have been played live in 2021 at Brasserie Atlas (Brussels), META (Marseille), Blockhaus DY10 (Nantes), and Hors-Jeux (Toulouse), and was recorded, edited & designed at Big Science Studio in Lyon in 2022. As a producer (EPs on Nous Disques, Kump & Mystery Booms, and has made several appearances in recent years, on labels like Air Texture, Macadam Mambo, or Vastechoses), deejay (LYL, Noods, Le Sucre 2014-2016 / Ambassade Club 2017-2018), or designer (Big Science, Common Ground, Grame CNCM...), Warzou has been quietly evolving, and doesn't stop with NVST on BGR to press and spread inspiring creation. Writing, Production, Design & Mastering by WarzouBig Science Records 2023© |
⏳ BUY DIGITALLostsoundbytes, Vastechoses Records creator, honors us by sharing his new album "Parallel Intrusion" on Big Science Records. Loading, waiting, meeting, through 11 super sequenced and strong tracks, including a featuring with VonHelvet, you will discover how fast your life is with a good connection. This album reminds us of the great breakbeat releases of the 90's that we listened to over and over again, before creating a time trap in our lives. What year are we in? Are we still stuck in the city with screens devouring urban connections, or is it already the future? Well, let's say both; same thing; we are in 2022, and the most famous icon is still "EXIT". Based on home-generated samples, which he is happy to share when he is online (see LSB packsample), as a producer, deejay, or live performer, LSB's music is a sound-design practice, with a gourmet taste. Born in France, living in Belgium, LSB produces a bewitching downtempo industrial slash breaks music. Through different artists, including the compilations Vastedub Vol1 & 2 with Air LQD, Theo Muller, Antoine 80, Black Zone Myth Chant, Gil.barte or Warzou, the cassette label he founded in 2015, now occupies an important place in the electronic-industrial cassette scene, and has been a great influence for us. It is a great pleasure to announce that this record will be released in October 2022. Limited edition of 100 cassette size, plastic cases with printed cover. Pre-orders available from Sept 28th. Out on Oct, 25th.Written and produced by LostsoundbytesMastering by Catriel NaifeDesign by Warzou
🦋 OUT NOW - BUY DIGITALNew CD single is out ! Includes the original track by NVST from the eponym LP "Drum in the Bass of Attention" (Cutmeintwice Version), and a remix by our friend and talented Toulouse based artist, Jan Loup.
🦋 OUT NOW - BUY DIGITALAfter «Compiled Works 2017-2019» including the famous from underground «Police Star Pablo», NVST makes a stellar comeback on Big Science with her debut album, «Drum in the Bass of Attention». Key player of the Swiss rave and dance music scene, NVST stays true to her nonconformist nature and brings up new dimensions to her sound in her latest work. Going back and forth between hopeful lightness and gritty despair, NVST listens to the world and echoes its confusion throughout ten tracks of fragmented textures and sensitive reflection. In this album, she keeps one foot on the dancefloor and another one on the streets, bringing politics back to dance music via implacable statements and unforgiving basslines. With a very personal language, NVST moves the listener to take a look around. Ask yourself ?Limited edition pressed on tape format, in a plastic recycled case, complete with a 12p insert with lyrics, designed by Warzou.Written and produced by NVST, Arranged by Callmesnoop DjMastering and Design by WarzouLimited Edition 50 Copies Recycled tapes and cases + 12p insert
🦋OUT NOW - BUY DIGITALFirst single out from NVST debut album "Drum in the Bass of Attention". Compact Disc format, Super limited edition, including two Warzou versions : a Club remix and a Dub version.
🌸 OUT NOW - BUY DIGITALBig Science Records presents Leo James’ latest release Féth Fíada, a distillation of the musical ideas James has been developing in his recent work. A collection of hypnotic repetitions, held saxophone notes, synthesiser drones and beautiful chords, the record is full of life and rich in texture. The music is an exploration of disconnection, longing and catharsis, and is both deeply personal and wide open to the listener - emotion hidden in plain sight. In recent years James has released records with Patience, Berceuse Heroique, Neubau and his own imprint Body Language. In 2020 he was asked to remix a song from the collaborative project of Ariel Kalma and Gilbert Cohen, released on Versatile Records. In July 2021, James collaborated with renowned Aboriginal artist Daniel Boyd for his solo exhibition 'Treasure Island' at Kukje Gallery, Seoul. Boyd created a 6 minute video work that was projected alongside his paintings. Titled Rivers, the projection was soundtracked by Leo James' track of the same name.Written, recorded and produced by Leo James, MelbourneSaxophone by Cayn Borthwick, MelbourneMastering by Paul’s Boutique, LyonDesign by Warzou, LyonDistribution by Rubadub, Glasgow
Warzou and Gil.Barte joined together for WARZABART side project, based on modular and analog setup. The album, recorded in a day at Big Science Studio by the duo, results into noise textures and industrial punk-pop vibes, cooked by layers. Struggle vocals arrangements from the french situation, polyrhythmic and disconnant wind instruments, for a dark club vision. "Emerging from a haze of static, ‘Troll’ is a fine summary of the duo’s approach across the album. The track’s industrial momentum will keep grimier dancefloors moving, though its gritty textures will no doubt keep listeners a little on edge."Read the Inverted Audio review including "Troll" as premiere diffusionProduced and Arranged by Warzabart (Warzou & Gil.Barte)Mastering & Design by Warzou
🥥 BUY DIGITALBig Science‘s Singles Series continues with a producer probably better known for mixing film scores than soundtracking a dancefloor. Victor Praud might be one half of Parisian techno outfit Society Of Silence, and a considerable filmography shows he’s no slouch, but a debut solo outing has been a long time coming.This is the product of countless studio sessions during lockdown 1.0. Turning attention to the A-side cut, Praud assumes a new alias to ditch the dancefloor hypnosis in favour of dread-laden, sub-heavy aesthetics. A dub version to its insistent counterpart on the flip, the glitching brand of broken techno and Warzou-helmed label make a good fit. (by If Only)Arranged By, Composed by Second.Vocals by KTB Mastering by Paul's Boutique, LyonDesign by WarzouDistribution by Rubadub, Glasgow
🔪 Buy Digital HERE“Bass utopia” murmurs the scatty voiceover on ‘Process RPZ’, one of the tracks from Fareed‘s latest EP. It’s out soon on the Warzou-helmed Big Science Records, a label that had previously only released on tape (first the cerebral crust-core of T:te, then the dub-dripping beats of NVST), but Fareed’s sounds are delivered on 7” vinyl – perhaps a nod to that originary bass utopia of the Jamaican sound system dance, where these tiny discs had an uncannily gargantuan affect.Standing on this sub-massive foundation, the Parisian producer also points to its musical tropes, but with a wand of dark magic.’ Ruins’ is a lead-heavy mutant dancehall cut that neatly reflects this thundery August period; in its latter half it morphs into a violent junglist exorcism, summoning the blackened grooves of drum & bass’ more occult offerings. Think Ed Rush or Doc Scott with their heads twisted all the way round. Process is equally petrifying, with its oblivion bass drops and paranoic atmospherics.Fareed’s productions for Hilltop Imprint, Maze Records and Construct Re-Form Records tended towards a techno sound, but the rhythmic complexity was always there in his programming of breaks. It’s exhilarating to hear this translated into these new explorations of half-time signatures and sub-weightiness. (by If Only)Arranged & Composed by FareedMastering by Paul's Boutique, Lyon Design by WarzouDistribution by Rubadub, Glasgow
💊 BUY DIGITALNVST Debut LP. Written and Produced by NVST. Arranged by Call Me Snoop DJ. Printed by Ink Press. Executed and Manufactured by Warzou.
🔮 BUY DIGITALBig Science catalog opens with Oily Condition Tite’s second album. This LP shout out with 12 noisy and techno tracks. The ex-Poni Hoax guitarist, behind Society of Silence and Acid Square Dance projects, deliver something with tight fists.Produced by Tite, Nicolas Villebrun. Direction first mixed by Gaël Blondet. Mastering by Alexandre Mazarguil Manufactured by OB & Warzou, LyonDistribution Chez Emile, Lyon